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Our Machines

   We currently have four vending machines that are owned and operated solely by us, with more to come! Our goal for these machines is to increase the accessibility of pet products in public places for the comfort of our fur babies while simultaneously increasing the time customers spend at their favorite bars and parks!

    In conjunction with this, we have plans to use a percentage of the profits to give back to local shelters and charities for pets. We also encourage our businesses to place any branded swag items that they would like their puppy patrons to sport into our machines! 

    With donations, amazing products, surprise vouchers and gift cards and more in each machine - it's beginning to sound like a Party! 

Let's Get Into Detail

Machine Specs
  • Up to 52 inventory options

  • 72" high x 30" wide x 35.5" deep.

  • 522lbs

  • Inside or covered ONLY. Machines powered by electrical outlet plug in

  • Wi-Fi capable for card payments

  • Cash payment option

  • Custom wrapped aesthetics

  • All machines are licensed and compliant with state laws

  • High quality, trusted products sold in each machine



  • We are a certified Limited Liability Company with the state of Texas.

  • All machines are certified with the Secretary of State and compliant with sales tax laws.

  • Complete comprehensive and liability insurance coverage for both machine and business.

  • If our machine would be a good fit for your establishment, we will provide necessary documents of proof and all other necessary contracts.

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